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1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, The Starry Night,Author-Van Gogh



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Color:The Starry NightJigsaw puzzles are good intelligence game, Suitable for adults and children, It can both relax and exercise the brain. This jigsaw puzzle contains 1000 Piece jigsaw puzzles , Bonus poster included for help in solving,The finished size is:27.56′ x 19.69′(70 x 50cm) Why choose puzzles for your children or your friends? The benefits of puzzles 1. Teach children to think logically Learning to categorize by observation and judgment, a child who wants to put together the right answer must look at the correct pattern in the puzzle.Children will continue to improve their observation and manual skills according to the puzzle. 2. Improve the ability of observation and analysis Children need to calm down to play puzzles, so that they can focus on one thing, to develop children’s patience and focus.The child has to put the pieces together into a picture, which requires the child to carefully observe each piece of the puzzle. 3.Cultivate the child’s spirit of cooperation. Children are new to the puzzle, they need to be pointed out by adults.Teach him how to spell it.As children grow older, the number of puzzle pieces increases.When a child with partner work together on a larger puzzle, and each person is responsible for a piece of the puzzle, there is a need for collective cooperation.

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