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Adventure Force Infra-Red (I/R) Crawling Cobra Battery Remote Control Snake, 112


The forces of nature are under your control with the Adventure Force Infrared (I/R) Remote Control Crawling Cobra! Slithering, hissing, and flicking its tongue, the Cobra is perfect for children who love reptiles. Features naturalistic modeling and coloration, and the segmented body moves like a real snake would. The Adventure Force I/R Remote Control Crawling Cobra is posed in a strike position with it hood fully opened, fangs bared and moveable tongue extended to ?smell? its next victim. The light inside the Cobra?s mouth makes it extra scary! Full-function wireless I/R remote control transmitter is disguised as the Cobra?s ?egg?. Use the I/R controller to move the Cobra forwards and backwards, left and right in search of its prey! When the Cobra needs a nap, just plug the attached USB cable on the bottom into any powered USB port to recharge. In less than two hours, it will be ready to stalk and slink through your domestic jungle once more. Ready to run, all required batteries included.

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Adventure Force IR R/C Crawling Cobra Rc Snake

  • Great gift for children who love reptiles
  • Infrared Control
  • Left/Right Steering
  • Forward/Reverse Steering
  • Realistic Movement
  • Mouth Lights Up
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Batteries Included

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