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Bluewater Chemgroup Extreme Color Bubble Juice – Long-Lasting Lustrous Bubbles for All Bubble Machines and Bubblers – 32oz, Quart



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Bubble Juice is a highly iridescent formula that can be used in any bubble machine or wand. Bubble Juice bubbles are fun! Whether bringing joy and laughter to a party or creating an enchanting, effervescent atmosphere for any event, a room full of bubbles makes everyone smile. This product uses FDA complaint surfactants to keep everyone safe, including the environment. This formula is 100% biodegradable, we just do not recommend you let your children or pets consume this solution! Bubble Juice is a premium, universal solution for use in all bubble machines. This formula creates the maximum density of high color bubbles that fly higher and float longer than any competition. *Slip Hazard: This product may present a risk of fall or injury if allowed to accumulate on walking surfaces for a prolonged period of time. Manufacturer, distributors and/or dealers are not responsible for consumers who allow product to build up on walking surfaces. *Do not swallow, not for internal consumpiton. Store in a cool dry place. *If bubbles or solution get into your eyes, rinse under water for a few minutes. If ingested-rinse mouth and seek medical attention after reffering to the SDS.

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