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Cult Following: The One True Game



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Do other games leave you feeling… empty inside? Try Cult Following: The One True Game! Cult Following is an irreverent storytelling card game where you make ridiculous cults using cards from the deck and your own creativity, then pitch them to your friends. ?Monsters under the bed are real! They think people are food and our children are not safe! Our cult will protect your kids by putting live bears into every children?s bedroom, so you can rest easy!? Players take on the role of either Cultists or Recruits. Cultists take ideas from the deck and bind them together into a ridiculous story, which they pitch to the other players. Recruits ask questions from the cards to help them figure out which cult is right for them: ?What should I bring to my first cult meeting??, ?Which cult at this table is your worst enemy, and why?? or the all important ?What?s in it for me?? This game is about being creative and having fun with your friends. Cult Following requires no setup and can be played in rounds of about 10 minutes. For three or more players ages 14 and up. ‘This game is really really good.’ ‘Seriously my favorite of the genre by far.’- Unfiltered Gamer ‘A pretty cool, entertaining game’- Cloak and Meeple ?Plenty of opportunities to create laugh out loud scenarios?- Geeky Hobbies ?It was a riot! … we were laughing through 6 rounds!?, ?as bizarre and enjoyable as your players?, ?the opportunity to show how crazy you actually are?, ?we’re still making comments on our cults a month afterwards!?- Reviews from our early adopters

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