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CZYY D&D Numbered Markers Acrylic Creature & Monster Condition Rings Number from 1 to 30 Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and RPG Miniatures



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Style:Numbered Condition RingsWith CZYY D&D Numbered Markers, combat is fluid, management is easy, and confusion is a thing of the past. They fit miniatures easily, make running battles a breeze, and can last for years. Seriously, no more… ‘Wait, is that the orc who took 15 damage, or the one who’s stunned?’ Numbered Creature Rings are acrylic rings printed with numbers, each ring numbered between 1 and 30. They’re used for numbering your bad guys and monsters so you always know which minis are which (helpful in tracking hit points, knowing which minis can use certain abilities, etc.). For example, your big boss could be number 1, the three warlords could be numbers 2-5, the nine grunts could be numbers 6-13, etc. This is especially useful if your minis all look similar, or if you have a lot of them. Number your monsters to stop wasting time finding them during combat encounters! These Numbered Tokens Measure: – 25mm inner diameter – 38mm outer diameter – 4mm thick Features: – 30 numbered rings (from 1 to 30). – Laser cut from acrylic, more durable. – Three directions of number by color ink printing (easily identify). – Each numbered token is 25mm diameter, ensuring it fits within the standard 1 inch square of a traditional DnD battle map or hang this off your minis.

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