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Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Lock Anniversary Valentine’s Day Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her



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Da vinci code mini cryptex creative and cool anniversary gift for you! All packages will be sent by FBA, from 2 – 4 days for delivery, no extra cost! The da vinci code mini cryptex lock is a very interesting present for any friend or family, it opens with a password that you can set easily and can change at any time. Enough room to hold jewelry, keys, secret notes, or any valuable small item. Can be used for any occasion, as wedding anniversary, Valentine’s, birthday’s present etc… I’m sure the person receiving this gift will like it and appreciate the excitement of guessing and opening the mystery! The default password is ILOVEU but if you request by email before delivery we can set the password for you at your desire or change it later once the Cryptex arrive. To set your own password Set the code to ILOVEU align with the arrows and open it pulling out Use the screwdriver included in the box for the screws on both sides of the cylinder’s edge Remove all the six cipher circles Set the letters according the password you want and alignment them to inner slot for each cypher circle Assemble it and then your new password is set and ready!

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