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Didax Algebra Lab Gear, 2 student set



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The Lab Gear is a comprehensive manipulative environment designed for the teaching and learning of algebra. Lab Gear extends the model of base ten blocks, making abstract topics more accessible. The Lab Gear supports students in developing their abstract thinking skills so they can be successful in algebra. It particularly helps visual, spatial, and kinesthetic learners because students can move the pieces around and see a problem in different ways. Framing algebra problems using the lab gear makes it possible to create a variety of mathematically worthwhile tasks. This set is designed for two students, working together. It consists of 90 pieces. The ‘number’ blocks are yellow (24 one, 8 fives, 2 twenty-fives) and the ‘variable’ blocks are blue (18x, eight y, four xy, eight x2, four 5x, two 5y, two y2, three x2y, three xy2, one x3, one y3). There are also two corner pieces per set which extends use into Multiplication into the third dimension. In-depth curriculum support for Algebra Lab Gear is provided with our two comprehensive teaching guides Algebra Lab Gear – Basic Algebrand Algebra Lab Gear – Algebra I.

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