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Discovery Kids RC Moving Tarantula Spider, Remote-Control Toy for Kids, Realistic Scurrying Movement, Glowing Scary Red LED Eyes


Is your child obsessed with all things creepy and crawly? Got a little prankster in your house. Satisfy the best of both worlds with the Discovery Kids RC Tarantula Spider and your little boy or girl will have an absolute blast playing with this lifelike creature! Glowing LED eyes and wriggly movements give this remote-control toy tarantula its lifelike presentation! An infrared controller delivers precise radio frequencies that allow anyone to move and maneuver this spider with ease! The Discovery Kids RC Tarantula Spider makes a wonderful gift for your child and delivers hours of pure entertainment in the comfort of home!

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  • BRING SOME CREEPY-CRAWLY ENTERTAINMENT for your children with the Discovery Kids RC Tarantula Spider! Boys and girls will have a delightful time maneuvering this toy spider around the home or anywhere they go!
  • SCARE FRIENDS & FAMILY with the remote-control tarantulas realistic appearance and lifelike movements! The RC toy features a built-in universal wheel rotation which makes it scurry across the floor complete with wriggling legs!
  • GLOWING LED EYES: Did you know that tarantulas hunt for their prey at nighttime? The RC Tarantula Spider displays beady eyes that glow red in the dark when you switch it on!
  • WHERE NATURE MEETS TECHNOLOGY: Anyone can move this RC Tarantula in the palm of their hands thanks to the infrared remote-control! Its built with three different radio frequencies to provide precise action and movement within the toy.
  • A STEM-INSPIRED TOY ANY CHILD WILL LOVE: Got a birthday coming up? Bring the excitement of nature and science to your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or even grandchildren with the Discovery Kids RC Tarantula Spider!

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