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Fortnite Micro Battle Bus Nerf Microshots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster & 2 Official Elite Darts for Kids, Teens, Adults



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Blast into big fun with the Nerf microshots series of collectible, mini sized Nerf toy blasters! Nerf microshots series blasters capture the iconic look of the original blasters and for this one, the flying battle bus you drop from to enter the Fortnite battle Royale game but in a scrunched down style All their own. Their look and size makes them collectible additions to any Nerf collection. This Nerf microshots Fortnite micro battle bus blaster is inspired by the iconic battle bus used in the popular Fortnite battle Royale video game. It includes 2 official Nerf elite darts and fires 1 dart at a time with hand powered action (no batteries required). Load 1 dart into the front of the blaster, pull down the handle to prime, and pull the trigger to fire. Look for all the microscopes series of micro sized blasters for collecting and playing (each sold separately).

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