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Hearts of Yarn Plush Noa Ballerina Doll for Girls Soft Sleeping & Cuddle Buddy for Toddlers, Infants & Babies 19 inches Tall Extra Large, Handmade First Baby Doll & Toy Cute Nursery Room Decor



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Hi, I’m Noa! If there’s one special quality that I have, it’s that I try my best! I’ve been playing volleyball since I was little, and it makes me proud that my team knows they can count on me. I’m not afraid of trying new things, and when my BFF Madeleine wanted me to join her dance class, I knew I would get the hang of it if I would practice, practice, practice! Sometimes commitment is hard at first, but I know it’s worth it – like when I started playing the cello. At first, I thought it was too complicated, but today, playing the cello is my favorite way to relax. One day I would love to be an astronaut and really reach for the stars! Maybe I can give the first cello concerto in outer space! Will you be my friend? Let’s play together today! About Hearts of Yarn?: What do you get when you mix a passionate, creative mom and detail-oriented dad, who share a love for fashion, cozy decor and most of all their adorable children? Hearts of Yarn, a beautiful line of aesthetically pleasing playthings that kids (and their parents!) can’t help falling in love with. Each doll is designed to delight, stitched with love, and waits patiently to be a loyal companion to a little person with a big heart. Handmade with delicate detail, yet solidly cozy for little fingers, our dolls complete both the rooms they occupy and the hearts they capture. Our business is personal; with every package we ship out, there’s a person wishing it a safe journey and a happy home. Every part of our dolls is fashioned to captivate; our customer’s joy is our joy. Each doll is created to make the world a better place. In our little world, imaginations wander and stories are endless; wonderful times are shared between friends and everything looks whimsically beautiful. Enter and be enchanted.

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