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Merchants & Marauders


Merchants & Marauders

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Adventure On The High Seas: Seek Your Fortune On The High Seas During The Golden Age Of Piracy In This Game Of Swashbuckling Adventure! Take Command Of Your Ship And Live The Life Of An Influential Merchant Or Become A Dreaded Pirate. The Choice Is Yours.,Strategy Board Game: Merchants & Marauders Invites A Wide Range Of Play Styles. The Choice Between Merchant And Marauder Is A Difficult One, As Both Avenues Come With Risks. Work To Your Captain’S Strengths As You Modify Your Ship, Outfit It With Deadly Special Munitions, And Hire Specialized Crew Members.,Deeply Thematic Combat Game: When It Comes To Combat, Merchants & Marauders Has A Deeply Thematic System That Allows For Critical Decisions And Intense Excitement. Fire On Your Opponent’S Ship Or Board Them And Fight Man To Man. The Risks Are Great, But The Rewards Are Greater!,Highly Variable: Each Game Presents A Unique World For You And Your Friends To Inhabit. Every Turn Brings New Drama. A Violent Hurricane Could Rip Through The Caribbean, Or War Could Break Out Between Two Naval Powers. Whatever Events Unfold, The Most Cunning Captains Will Adapt And Bend The Situation Into Their Favor.,Number Of Players And Average Playtime: This Nautical Adventure Game Is Made For 2 To 4 Players And Is Suitable For Ages 13 And Older. Average Playtime Is Approximately 180 Minutes.

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