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MTG Cards (1000) 4 Planeswalkers, 4 Mythics, 15 Rare, 15 Foils GUARANTEED! CGC Gift Box



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Begin the QuestJump into the world of Magic the Gathering with carefully crafted card lots from Cosmic Gaming CollectionsPrepare for BattleEach box contains everything you need for at least 2 players to build decks & duel- 1000+ assorted MTG cards- 50 Lands- 15 Rares- 15 Foils- 4 Mythic Rares- 4 PlaneswalkersJoin The FightIf you?re a beginner or just want to see ?what the fuss is all about?, this is the toolkit for you. This magic the gathering starter kit puts 1,000 cards at your disposal to practice strategy and prepare to outwit your opponent.Expand Your CollectionAdd a plethora of diverse cards to your library with our MTG bundle of magic cards.Magic Like You Remember ItIf you?re an old player that?s been on hiatus for a few years, this is the perfect way to get back into the magic card game.What about duplicates?Rares, Foils, Mythics and Planeswalkers will all be unique.As some duplication may occur with Common & Uncommon cards, we send extra cards in each lot to compensate.You can have up to 4 copies of a card in your MTG deck, so some cards you might receive a full playset of 4. We try not to ever send more than 4 copies of any card. But just in case, we try to pack each Cosmic Collection with extra cards (more than the advertised 1,000) to account for any errors! Enjoy the extra cards!Take it to MTG Game NightAll this value is contained in an exclusive GCG storage box, the great vessel for transporting and organizing your decks of cards with a cool look.Unleash The PowerTo ensure your box has not been opened before you receive it, a security sticker seals your collection giving you the comfort of knowing that all the power packed in your box only gets unleashed by you!So go ahead? click add to cart now. The Multiverse awaits you!

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