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My Super Star Cute Garfield The Cat Plush Dolls Gifts Toys Plush Pillows Boys Girls Yellow Cat Animal Cartoon Figures (25 cm,1 Piece)



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Size:10??? My Super Star Plush Doll – Discover the Beauty of Nature ?Hand Made By Craftsmen ?Non-Toxic – To You And Your Plush Elephant Doll ?Unlike many Plush Dolls, ours is coated with a non-toxic finish that is odor-free, non-yellowing, and with zero volatile organic compounds. ?This means there is nothing to taint the scent of your herbal Plush Doll, and no allergens to trigger sensitivities that you or your family may have. ?Modern, Contemporary Design Makes A Perfect Gift. ?This Plush Doll will fit in with any decor in any room of your house, and is ideal as a gift for the most close of friends. ?Take Care Of Your Handmade Plush Doll The Plush Doll Store Way With Our All-Natural Handmade Cotton Plush Doll. ?How to Use: Soft Cotton Plush Doll needs keep dry if you want to preserve it correctly, and that’s where our Plush Doll Store Plush Doll comes in, while at the same time allowing it to be well ventilated. Saving Your Plush Doll Is As Easy As Step 1-2-3 1. Remove your Plush Doll from a wet or moist area. 2. Place the Plush Doll in the plastic bag. 3. Ensure the Plush Doll dish is in a cool, dry area. Package Contents: Package included: 1Pcs Plush Doll

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