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New Bright RC Dune Tracker Radio Control Stunt Buggy – Orange


R/C toy makes for hours of entertainment and is fun on all kinds of terrain. Integrated 2.4 GHz technology allows for longer range, less interference, internal antenna and ability for 6 friends to play at the same time.  Charging your internal Lithium Ion battery is as simple as plugging your Dune Tracker USB into any powered USB port, within 2 hours

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Full Function Radio Control
Forward/Reverse Driving
Left/Right Steering
2.4GHz Technology
Longer Range
Faster Response
Internal Antenna
Run up to 6 at One Time!
All Batteries Included
Internal Lithium Ion Battery
USB Cable Included
Plug into Any Powered USB Port
2 Hour Charge Time
AA Batteries for Transmitter

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