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Pint-Size Scholars Math Mastery Bundle: 715 Self-Checking Flashcards with Word Problems, All Addition, Multiplication, Division Facts 0-12 and All Subtraction Minuends 0-18



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The first step on your path to Math Mastery! Flashcards are a classic educational tool and a crucial step toward comfort and familiarity with basic math facts. But for your pint-size scholar, flashcards should be educational toys! We’ve designed these four sets of math flashcards from the ground up to be utilized both for fundamental rote memorization as well as exploratory and competitive fun. Included in this bundle are 175 Addition flashcards (all facts 0-12), 196 Substraction flashcards (all minuends 0-18), 175 Multiplication flashcards (all facts 0-12), and 175 Division flashcards (all facts 0-12). Plus we’ve included teaching techniques, plus we’ve included fun and kinetic math games, PLUS we’ve written a word problem for every math fact! That’s 715 flashcards in total, and 697 word problems in total! Why You’ll Love It:Packed in a heavy-duty box built to last schoolyear in and schoolyear out and protect your investment, these flashcards are plastic coated for longevity with a linen finish that reduces glare. Color-coded by number family, minuend, multiplicand, and divisor, it’s easy to separate out math facts that have already been mastered, or target those that still need work. The 697 included themed word problems are great for common core learners and extending learning past just the basic numbers. We’ve even included 8 techniques for teaching, 4 steps for solving word problems, and 6 fun games to play with your flashcards that makes learning competitive, fast-paced, and fun! Meets Common Core Standards: Math.Content.3.OA.A.1, Math.Content.2.OA.B.2, Math.Content.3.OA.A.3, Math.Content.3.OA.C.7, Math.Content.7.NS.A.2.B

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