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Rebellion Unplugged Sniper Elite: The Board Game


Rebellion Unplugged Sniper Elite: The Board Game

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Based On The Critically-Acclaimed Sniper Elite Video Game Series, With One Player Taking On The Role Of Elite Allied Sniper Karl Fairburne And Their Opponents Teaming Up To Hunt Them Down.,A Tense One-Versus-Many Hidden-Movement Game Where Bluff And Deduction Meets Tactical Combat, As Every Shot And Movement Risks Revealing The Sniper’S Location, But Every Step Closer Makes The Defenders An Easier Target.,Fast Paced And Action-Packed, With An Average Play Time Of 45 Minutes At Any Player Count.,Co-Designed By Award-Winning Designer David Thompson, Designer Of Acclaimed War-Themed Titles Like War Chest And The Undaunted Series.,Includes A Double Sided-Playing Board With Two Different Maps, Ten Unique Ink-Washed Miniatures And Fully Illustrated Cards From The Concept Art Team Behind The Videogame Series.

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Rebellion Unplugged


Rebellion Unplugged