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Rummikub with Bonus Jokers Game, Classic, Pressman



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Highlights Type of Game: Family games Playing Time: 30 Minutes or Less Includes: Game board,106 high-quality plastic tiles, 4 plastic tile-holder racks, and illustrated instructions Number of Players: Welcome to the magical world of numbers and sequences! Rummikub, the original fast-moving, family-fun tile game is a super easy to learn boardgame. This version of Rummikub features more strategy with some challenging and fast moving fun! Featuring fast-paced, easy game-play (similar to Rummy) this game is ideal for people of different ages to play together. Each player takes 14 tiles and goes onto make groups consisting of the same number but different colors (three or more of the same numbers in different colors), or the same color with different numbers (consecutive numbers of the same color). Rummikub is easy to learn, fast moving and different every time it’s played! The ‘board’ changes all the time as players adjust the tiles on the table. Combining luck & strategy, this Rummy tile game is super fun as you compete to be the first player among others to place all your tiles from the rack onto the table to win the game! Material: Plastic Type of Game: Family games Playing Time: 30 Minutes or Less The original fast-moving, family-fun tile game Be the first player to eliminate all the tiles from your rack to win Form sets of runs and groups as you go.

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