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Sharper Image Stunt Drone, Rechargeable, LED Lights, Autopilot System, 5-Inch


Sharper Image Stunt Drone:

Flip, drift, and climb through the air with the DX Stunt Drone from Sharper Image! Perfect for beginners, this compact copter and small remote are all you need to perform exciting stunts and fearless tricks! Enjoy high tech fun with this DX-2 stunt drone from Sharper Image. This 5-inch stunt drone with LED lights performs 360 degree stunt rolls and offers smooth hovering.

This impressive pint-sized plane is packed with exciting features to make your flights even more enjoyable. Auto orientation flight control and gyro stabilization flight control keep the plane steady and help it climb to up to 150 feet in the air. Safety landing pegs and the assisted landing feature ensure a soft landing when your flight is over.

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  • High-flying stunts
  • LED lights
  • USB charging
  • Flight range of 150 ft. radius
  • 2.4 GHz long range control
  • Auto orientation flight control
  • Compact size
  • 360 degree stunting
  • Assisted landing
  • 4 replacement rotor blades
  • Gyro stabilization flight control

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