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Sharper Image Thunder Tumbler Toy RC Car for Kids, Remote Control Monster Spinning Stunt Mini Truck for Girls and Boys, Racing Flips and Tricks with 5th Wheel, 27 MHz Blue


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The number 1 stunt RC! Want to perform the craziest stunts? Spin like a tornado or pop effortless wheelies? The Sharper Image Thunder Tumbler is the go-to RC for high-flying action. You’ll be pulling daredevil tricks like a pro in no time with the wireless control on the track and off road too. Don’t get left out of the trick competition – dominate it. Effortless gravity-defying stunts! The Thunder Tumbler remote controlled stunt truck will stun everyone with its 360s and single-tire acrobatics. But no one else will know how incredibly easy the impressive tricks are to perform. High-flying stunts are just a press of a button away on the wireless battery-powered remote! And the one-of-a-kind fifth wheel will keep you up and running no matter how crazy the tricks get. Light-up the track Don’t just perform tricks. Look good doing it. With the built-in LED lights, your new RC will shine above the competition. Top stunt RC Looking for the perfect gift for a kid’s birthday? The Thunder Tumbler is the favorite RC children’s toy around. Fun for everyone Adults can’t resist the excitement either. And thanks to the smart and easy controls, anyone can have fun pulling off thrilling tricks.

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