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SHARPER IMAGE Toy RC Glow-in-the-Dark Orbit Tumbler, Long Range 2.4 GHz All-Terrain Stunt Rover


Built for high octane racing and stunts, the Sharper Image Orbit Glow Tumbler will bring out the race car driver in you! Tear across the yard and send the car flying and tumbling with its unique cage design and race-ready glow-in-the-dark! Oversized tires help grip onto surfaces for optimal performance. The powerful built-in 2.4 GHz frequency allows long-range racing, so test your skills out or build yourself an obstacle course! The 2.4 GHz frequency prevents outside interference-you can even race multiple Orbit Glow Tumblers side by side! This RC runs on 6 AA batteries and 4 AA for on-the-go racing anytime, anywhere! Race around the house or yard or take it out to the park or a friend’s. (Note: batteries are not included).

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  • ? RULE THE ROAD and turn heads wherever you go with the Sharper Image Orbit Glow Tumbler Vehicle! Be amazed by the vehicle’s sleek, eye-catching design, lighting speed, and extreme maneuverability.
  • ? FUNCTION MEETS PERFORMANCE: Zoom away with friends and family with the full-function remote-control! The double joystick pilot-style remote gives drivers multi-directional operation and the ability to race multiple vehicles without interference.
  • ? EFFORTLESSLY PERFORM STUNTS AND FLIPS: The Orbit Glow Tumbler’s unique design features a rounded cage that allows it to perform 360-degree flips and somersaults. Perform acrobatics with a simple touch by pressing the built-in stunt button on the remote.
  • ? LONG RANGE WITHOUT INTERFERENCE: The powerful 2.4 GHz frequency ensures long range and high-speed operation without outside interference, so get ready to tear up the asphalt!
  • ? BATTERY-POWERED FOR ON-THE-GO FUN: The vehicle requires 6 AA batteries and the remote requires 4 AA batteries (none included), making it easy to set up and start driving. Kids can easily take the vehicle with them for at-home or on-the-go play!

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