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Tcmmrc Drone Frame Carbon Fiber For Rc Racing Fpv Frame Kit (Qav250)


Tcmmrc Drone Frame Carbon Fiber For Rc Racing Fpv Frame Kit (Qav250)

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〖High Quality〗: The Drone Frame Is Produced By Tcmmrc, Well-Made And Durable. It Is Made Of 3K Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber Has A Low Density And High Strength And Stiffness, Which Makes It Very Suitable As A Frame Material For Drones. There Will Be A Vibration-Damping Effect During The Flight Of The Aircraft. It Makes The Flight More Stable. The Carbon Fiber Drone Frame Has A Smooth Surface, Accurate Shape, And Good Symmetry. It Has A Longer Life Compared To Other Materials.,〖Qav250 Frame Kit〗: Material: 3K Carbon Fiber, Wheelbase: 250Mm, Motor Hole Position:M3X16X16Mm M3X19X19Mm, Flight Control Hole Position:M3X20X20Mm M3X30.5X30.5Mm, Camera Hole: All, Space Height: 35Mm, Arm Thickness: 3.0Mm.,〖Material〗: Made Of High-Strength Carbon Fiber Material, It Is Lightweight And Has Strong Bending Resistance, Which Can Effectively Improve Flight Stability And Flight Time.,〖Design〗: The Carbon Fiber Drone Frame Adopts A Modular Design, Which Is Easy To Disassemble And Maintain, And Also Has A Variety Of Different Installation Options, Which Can Be Customized According To Actual Needs,〖Performance〗: The Carbon Fiber Uav Frame Has Excellent Structural Stability And Impact Resistance, While Having A Large Internal Space To Accommodate More Flight Control Equipment And Sensors.

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