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Unicorn Mini Baby Dollhouse Dolls for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Girls 3 Inch Small Baby Doll Set w Accessories – Tiny Figure Unicorn Gifts for Girls Unicorn Doll Toys – Drink n Wet Mini Babies Unicorn Figurine



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?? PERFECT UNICORNS GIFTS FOR GIRLS dollhouse dolls.These cute n realistic 3 inch unicorn baby dolls set will become one of your child’s beloved unicorn toys figures.Each 3 inches small doll has a removable unicorn hat, realistic face features, movable hands, and legs, as well as a t-shirt with a cute print.Due to the small size of the baby doll accessories, it is recommended for girls of 3 years old and up.?? Naturally Kids UNICORN FIGURINES BABY DOLL SET includes:?? 2 soft baby bottles which can be used to play with water, ?? 1 pink bear,?? 1 tiny cupcake doll accessory w. a little cherry ?? on top, ?? colorful gift box with rainbow unicorn background.UNICORN BABY DOLLS FEATURES ?? closed eyes ?? are a unique feature of our sleeping Dream Dolls, ?? each miniature baby doll has a little opening in the mouth and at the bottom which allows your child to feed the baby doll some water from a couple of mini bottles that come with the unicorn figures doll accessories set and then make the baby doll wet by squeezing on its hat, ?? the unicorn dolls can stand on their feet if adjusted straight, ?? our unicorn toy small dolls seems alive, ?? Baby Dolls’ unicorn hats can be easily be changed, helping your beloved children develop their fine motor skills.?? The Naturally Kids baby unicorn dolls are perfect toy actors for mini-movies and cartoon making so popular among 4 and 5 years old girls that post them to TikTok or Instagram. These baby unicorn toys fit many different dollhouses and look gorgeous when surrounded by dollhouse accessories and furniture.Perfect addition to a unicorn coloring book gift. Your little girls won?t stop playing with these cute unicorn baby dollhouse dolls.

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