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Vivitar Aeroview Quadcopter Wide Angle Video Drone with Wifi, GPS, 12 Minute flight time and a range of 1000 feet


Fly high with the Vivitar Aeroview Quadcopter Video Drone. Complete with a full HD articulating wide angle view camera and wifi-enabled live video feed, you can experience the gorgeous landscapes and stunning wildlife of wherever you are flying over in real time. Its follow-me technology and GPS tracking means you can easily keep up with where exactly your drone is at all times and can always get the perfect snap shot. The drone has a range of 1000 feet, a 12-minute flight time, auto hover, and a one key return feature to add convenience on top of brilliance. The sky is the limit when you have the Vivitar AeroView Quadcopter Video Drone.

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Vivitar AeroView Quadcopter Video Drone:

  • Camera-equipped drone
  • Auto hover feature makes it easy to relax as you fly
  • App control through WiFi
  • GPS location lock allows you to find your drone with ease
  • App-activated follow me mode lets you get the perfect shot every time
  • One key return
  • HD articulating wide angle view
  • Real time video
  • Quadcopter design allows for smooth flying
  • Includes remote control with phone stand
  • 12-minute fly time

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