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Water Sports Monster Ball Underwater Pool & Beach Ball |Can Be Used As Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer Ball (Color Varies)



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The Water Sports Monster ball is a unique underwater ball that has neutral buoyancy, meaning it can be used underwater to dribble, pass, etc. all underwater! Instructions: Step 1: fill monster ball: remove ball and hose filler nozzle. Attach the filler nozzle to the hose. (Do not turn on water). Step 2: Insert the filler tip needle into the valve of the monster ball. (Be careful not to push the needle through the side of the ball) Step 3: Turn on the water to the hose and then go and support the ball as it fills. Once the ball is AP- proximately 9? in diameter, turn the water off and remove the filler tip from the ball. Step 4: Remove the filler tip from the hose. Carefully Reinsert the filler tip back into the ball so the filler is upright (see photo) adjust the amount of air in the ball to control desired buoyancy and you are good to go. Step 5: Place monster ball in the pool and it will sink to the bottom and slowly rise to the top. Step 6: have fun. . . Dribble it, pass it. e up with up your own games to play. Warning – the ball is heavy when filled, do not throw it outside of the water! 60 Water Sports Monster Ball UnderwaterPool and Beach Ball 500 About Us Stream Machine LLC is well known for building leisure, pool, and backyard marine products. From Water Cannons to balloon launchers, Stream Machine keeps you cool in the sizzling summer months and sports a line of water pistols and pool accessories. Perfect for picnics and pool parties, your whole family will enjoy Water Sport?s volleyball and wrist launchers. Whether at the beach, in your pool or in the backyard, you will find what you need at an affordable price. We appreciate your interest and commitment to our products.

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