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WikkiStix Activity Set



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Product DescriptionWikki Stix activity set is a parents? choice classic toy Award winner! It contains 84 Wikki Stix in 16 colors and two sizes (48- 8-inch and 36 -6-inch), plus multi-use play board, handy storage bag and eight page booklet of fun ideas and illustrations. The Wikki Stix activity set is ideal for younger children, ages 3-5 or so, as there is no right or wrong way to play. They can use the play board to learn letter formation? or simply ? smoosh? the wikkies down, and peel them back up!the eight-page booklet of fun ideas and illustrations features two cartoon characters from wikkiland? gizzywik and the morgandoot.if you are new to Wikki Stix, they are simply made of knitting yarn and food-grade wax. Non-toxic, They do not contain gluten, latex, nor Peanut or other nut oils or by-products. They are endlessly reusable, will not break or tear apart but cut easily with scissors. Wikki Stix conform to all consumer safety regulations and are widely used as a teaching tool in schools. They are excellent for learning letters and numbers. And they can be pressed together for 3-D creativity too! With Wikki Stix, there is no right or wrong way to play! Proudly made in America!Amazon.comWikki Stix are like pipe cleaners made out of wax, with one important difference: they stick to surfaces so you can make pictures. This activity set includes a play board and multicolored wax sticks that can be bent, twisted, and stuck together. Crayons can be used on the board as well. Use the sticks to make jewelry, freestanding creatures, or to stick on almost any surface (parents, take note), including paper or, say, the fridge. The stix come in a rainbow of colors and smell delightfully of beeswax. –Claire DedererFrom the ManufacturerWinner of the Parents’ Choice Classic Toy Award, the Wikki Stix Activity Set is ideal for 3-5 year-olds, offering 84 Wikki Stix in 16 colors, plus a multi-use playboard with safe rounded corners, and a handy carry bag. Includes a cartoon booklet featuring Wikkiland characters Gizzywik and The Morgandoot, with fun ideas and illustrations for early learning creativity. No right or wrong way to play! Simply ‘smoosh’ the Wikki Stix onto the board, or make easy, colorful designs. Easy to peel up and use again as Wikki Stix are usable over and over.See more

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