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Zoom Tubes RC Car Trax, Tubular Fun Bundle: 25-Pc Main Kit (Set of 2)


How It Works Get ready to ZOOM with Zoom Tubes . Zoom Tubes RC Car Trax Set! Non-Stop Racing Light Show! Easy to Build, Just Connect the Tubes, Place Zoom Racer in the Zoom Tube, Activate the Remote and Go!Zoom tubes car trax, as seen on tv

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  • Get ready to Zoom Zoom Zoom with Zoom Tubes! Just connect the tubular track and use the wireless remote control to launch your racer up, around, over and back!
  • TUBULAR TRACTION TECHNOLOGY: Gives your racer 360 degree light up gription velocity, creating a non-stop racing light show!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TUBULAR FUN: Race around anything and anyone, the possibilities are endless!
  • LET YOUR IMAGINATION RACE: Have fun while promoting creativity, focus and experimentation!

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Zoom Tubes Car Trax


Zoom Tubes