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Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase Music Edition



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Amazon.comThere is no better party game for music lovers than Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase: Music Edition. Recommended for ages 12 and up, this game grills you on music of all genres from the past four decades, forcing you to rack your brain for every bit of musical knowledge that you have. A Thrilling Musical Quiz Electronic Catch Phrase: Music Edition is essentially a high-speed musical quiz, except that you’re the one giving the clues. Just like classic Electronic Catch Phrase, you’ve got to grab it, guess it and pass it on before you get buzzed. When it is your turn, the electronic display will give you a song or musically themed phrase that you will have to describe to your teammates. It is your teammates’ objective to guess the word or song, so you’ll have to think on your feet and provide the best possible clues. Do whatever it takes: shout out clues, ask questions, quote lyrics, or hum the melody. You can even score additional points by singing the song’s lyrics. Once your team has guessed correctly, pass the electronic display to the next person before you get buzzed. Endless Party Fun The ideal party game, Electronic Catch Phrase: Music Edition features a seemingly limitless amount of content. The clues are diverse, chosen from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s and covering many pop genres, including classic rock, hip-hop/R&B, country, and oldies. The topics range from well-known to obscure, so there is something here to please people of all skill levels. To make things easier, the game has an intuitive electronic interface. Easy to operate, the electronic display has a built-in timer, buzzer, and scorekeeper, which eliminates the need for messy manual scoring. The display screen is brightly backlit, so you can clearly see it even in the dark. All in all, it’s a great way to have fun at any social gathering. From the ManufacturerMusic adds a great new twist to the popular and fun Catch Phrase game family! In this fast-paced game do whatever it takes to get your team to guess the musically themed word or phrase. Who’s that artist? What’s the name of that song? There are 9 music categories in this exciting electronic game that includes a built-in game timer, score keeper, and backlit display.

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