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Leatherette Dice Cup Felt Lining Shaker Quiet for Playing Yahtzee/ Farkle/ Liars Dice/ Board Game



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Leatherette Purple Felt Lined Dice Cup Set Specification: -Sturdy and solid dice cup.The cup measures approx.3.1”wide and 3.5”tall.It has straight walls rather than a tapered out style. -The dice measures approx.0.6”wide. -This cup is felt-lined with purple velvet inside and wrapped with black leatherette outside. The dices are all uniform and the purple felt inside is evenly distributed and smooth. -Perfect item for playing at home with your family, living up party, great choice for entertainment at a pub or local bar. -A good gift for someone who wanted to learn to play Liar’s Dice. Decent for kids. -The soft interior mutes most of the noise when shaking the dice,which will not hurt your ears or disturb other family members. -A headache from all the shaking going on will be avoid at a farkle party.This makes the game much more enjoyable for all to play. Package includes: 1x cup and 6x purple dices.

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