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MAD GAB Card Game of Verbal Puzzle Phrases, Gift for Players Ages 12 Years & Older



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Product DescriptionIn the Mad Gab Card Game, it’s not what you SAY, it’s what you HEAR! Try pronouncing this phrase: ‘Shell Weed Ants.’ Do you hear the common expression hiding in the nonsense phrasing? Repeat the words a few times aloud, and you’re sure to guess that you are actually saying, ‘Shall we dance?’ Teams work to ‘translate’ groups of unrelated words and pictures into real phrases before time runs out. Puzzles are provided on cards (the answers are safely hidden on the back). Each puzzle consists of a mix of words and at least one picture, with each picture representing a single word. Players first need to figure out what a picture is, then read it aloud in order with the other words in the puzzle. Can you ?hear? what you?re saying? How long does it take you to figure this one out: ‘Ace care remove he’? Did you realize that?s Mad Gab speak for ‘A scary movie’? If it took you too long, you would have lost that round. Teams have only 30 seconds to work out a puzzle! Use repetition to sound the clues out. Mad Gab Card Game is sure to spur laughter as friends say the answer without even realizing it! You may find ‘Sofa Are Soak Hood,’ or you may get tied up in a tongue twister. For 4 or more players. Ages 12 and older. (Answer: ‘So Far, So Good!?) Colors and decorations may vary.Brand StoryByFrom the ManufacturerMad Gab Picto-Gabs Card Game: It’s not what you SAY, it’s what you HEAR. Put your eyes and ears to the test as you decipher funny puzzles made up of pictures and words. First, figure out the word that each picture represents then read the entire puzzle out loud, you might be reading something like ?BALL STUNK LAMP SHOUTER.? Can you hear what you’re saying? Repeat the phrase a few more times and you’re sure to guess ?Boston Clam Chowder.? The first team to solve 5 puzzles wins the game. For 2 teams.See more

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