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Bring Shrek Home Today! Product Information Shrek The Electronic Storybook Collection is a retelling of the movie where children can read the story or you can read along with them recalling favorite scenes from the movie along with pictures, sound effects, and real dialogue from the movie!? As you read along in the book, some of the sounds will happen automatically when you turn a page, but others will happen if you click on the dialogue which appears in green on each page.? Fun Activities Include Shrek:? Tell Your Own Tale This is an interactive story, based on the movie Shrek where you can decide which parts of the story to follow. Follow the whole tale or pick your own path to a happy ending! Two versions have been provided of Shrek: Tell Your Own Tale, a version which runs off of the CD-ROM, and an exciting email version which comes to your regular email inbox. Shrek Coloring Book Includes 60 pictures to print out and color including Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Dragon, the odious Lord Farquaad and more! Product Features Create an original story based on the hilarious movie’s storyline – you decide which character’s adventure to follow. Print out and color 60 Shrek pictures featuring your favorite characters from the movie. Laugh out loud with an electronic storybook featuring the voices of Shrek and Donkey right out of the movie. System Requirements Windows 95, 98, Me, XP Pentium 133MHz processor or faster 16MB of RAM minimum 8-bit color (16-bit recommended) Sound Card Web browser and Internet connection

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