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Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It Or Shout It – Talent Not Required – Family Party Board Game…


Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It Or Shout It – Talent Not Required – Family Party Board Game…

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How To Play: If You’Ve Ever Heard A Word That’S Caused You To Spontaneously Break Into Song, Then Spontuneous Is For You! The Rules Are Simple. Each Player Writes Down Several Trigger Words On Their Hit List. When It’S Your Turn, You Announce A Word From Your List And Flip The Timer. The First Player To Sing At Least 5 Words From Any Song Containing The Trigger Word Gets To Advance On The Board. Stay Alert For Those Extra Musical Challenge Spaces Scattered Throughout The Board!,Whole Family Fun: Spontuneous Is Fun For The Whole Family! Because Of The Easy Game Play And 30-Minute Average Play Time, This Game Holds The Attention Of Even The Most Skeptical Game Night Party Goer. Anyone Who Knows A Few Songs Will Excel At Spontuneous, Whether A Kid, Teen, Or Adult. It’S Sure To Become Your Next Family Game Night Classic!,Fun For Any Season: Spontuneous Fits Perfectly Into Any Party, Trip, Or Family Get-Together. Going Camping? Unplug For The Evening And Play Around The Campfire. At Your Child’S Next Birthday Party, Pull Spontuneous Out To Entertain The Kids Until The Pizza Arrives. Bored On A Rainy Day? Spend Your Time Laughing With Your Family And Friends Of Any Age As You Try To Think Of Your Next Song. Spontuneous Can Go With You Anywhere, From Home To Your Vacation.,Talent Not Required: Feel Shy Or Awkward About Singing? No Worries! Spontuneous Brings Out The Star In Everyone. Sing It Or Shout It—There’S No Vocal Talent Required To Play This Game. Knowing Some Lyrics To The Most Basic Songs, Old Tunes, Or Even Nursery Rhymes Is The Only Thing You Need To Enjoy This Game. You Don’T Even Have To Name That Tune! Just Draw On Your Memory For Some Music Containing The Given Trigger Word, And You’Ll Be A Winner In No Time!,Unplug & Interact: Spontuneous Is A Fantastic Way For Large Or Small Groups Of Families, Friends, And More To Come Together Without Electronics And Spend Quality Time Together. Nothing Is Better Than Unplugging And Laughing With A Group Of Your Favorite People Over A Board Game And Making New Memories. Choose Spontuneous For Your Next Game Night, Gathering, Or Family Home Night.

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