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Brain Games Logic Cards Yellow – Math Brain Teaser Card Game for Kids, Teenagers & Adults – Award Winning Family Fun!, 3.5′ x 2.4′



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Logic cards Yellow logic cards is a set of 53 challenges to keep your brain fit. Problems include numbers, logic and geometry tasks, and with 5 difficulty levels you can work your way through them all, boosting your intelligence as you go! A great diversion for adults, teenagers and kids age 12+, The educational math game is a small pack of cards that easily fits into your pocket, and is suitable for solo play – a great distraction wherever you chose to play! The versatile logic game comes with all the answers and instructions in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Estonian, lithuanian, Latvian. Logic cards also comes with an augmented reality app that shows you the animated step-by-step solutions for each challenge. All you have to do is scan the brain teaser card with the logic cards app to see how every challenge is solved – a great way of learning how to solve the next one! Each logic cards Yellow game includes: 53 cards with mind-bending challenges instructions in 10 languages logic cards app details answers it’s educational, it’s math, it’s smart, and it’s a maze of intelligence boosting fun! Keep your brain fit with logic cards!

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